Caffè King Shop

You can purchase freshly roasted coffee in our shop in the industrial area of Donoratico. In addition to the various blends and types of coffee in the store we have related items.

The Blends and Monorigini

 "The blends are the soul of the coffee. The roaster tastes, experiments and sets the blends according to his sensibility" Nicola Marinai


The end result is very similar to that of espresso coffee bar so intensely flavored with perfumes and essences easily noticeable, basic sweet and delicate.

Compatible capsules

Our capsules are compatible with machines, Citiz, Lattissima Nespresso production and essence, Pixie


Our Fap are compatible with a broad model of machines on the market and have an intense aroma and a full-bodied taste.


 Our spirit

All liqueurs are made with our best coffee blend, great to drink alone or to use for the fix.


 Porcelain Coffee King even at home!!!