King blends can be purchased in different types: coffee beans, ground coffee for mochas, ground coffee for espresso coffee machines or for filter infusions. We have do not vacuum pack coffee for sale as we feel out freshly ground produce is highly superior.

The Blends

"The blends are the soul of the coffee. The roaster tastes, experiments and sets the blends according to his sensibility" Nicola Marinai


blend King

It is the blend of all varieties of different origins: India, Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Java. It is blended for coffee machines in bars. The gathering and assembling of many different varieties guarantees intense aromas and a wealth of flavors. The result is a sweet, full-bodied, coffee with pleasant spicy notes.


blend Bar

This is a blend of four varieties: Brazilian, Indian, "EK" Special (Indonesian) and Java. This blend is destined for family for espresso coffee machines. The result is a coffee close to the kind that you can enjoy in the bar but it is more delicate and light.


blend Extra

"EK" Special (Indonesian), Javan, Colombian, Bourbon Santos (Brazilian), and Nicaraguan. It is a polyvalent blend which is characterized by its versatility. The final taste is sweet and fruity, very palatable.


blend Famiglia

Java, Vietnam,, India, Bourbon Santos (Brazil) and Colombia are the different origins that give rise to this blend the is intended for home use. The coffee produced from a home coffee moka is lighter than that at the bar and it thus compensates the varying intensity by a stronger blend at it’s origin. The result is a balanced coffee, fragrant in the cup with a strong personality.


blend Superior

This blend is made up of Vietnamese, "EK" Special (Indonesian), Javan, Ethiopian, Bourbon Santos (Brazilian), and Nicaraguan beans. It is for espresso machines. The end result is a coffee with a strong personality and has an intense flavor with aromas and essences that are easily understood.



blend Bolgheri

This versatile blend was created in honor of our shop in Bolgheri. Its intense flavor but delicate at the same time is recommended for those who love the historic Moka but also for anyone who is a fan of espresso.




monorigine Cuba


monorigine  Puerto Rico


monorigine Jamaica Blu Mountan


monorigine Honduras